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 thespyder test results

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PostSubject: thespyder test results   Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:38 pm

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Kaiba Corporation Testing System


Requirements to Apply

How to Apply


Testing System

Requirements to Apply

Preliminary Test
When you first join Kaiba Corp Duel Academy, you will be placed in Slifer The Sky Dragon. However you can take a free preliminary test to rank-up.

Slifer The Sky Dragon To Winged Dragon of Ra
20 Posts minimum
Slifer Test Item that Costs 500DP
No Test Requirement

Winged Dragon of Ra To Obelisk The Tormentor
Top 4 in at least a 16 man Tournament, Top 8 in at least 32 man Tournament or Top 16 in at least 64 man Tournament.
100 posts minimum
Ra Yellow Test Item that Costs 500DP

There is no Obelisk exam to get into Abandoned Dark Dorm, you need to make a big contribution to Kaiba Corp Duel Academy or win a Kaiba Corp YCS.

How To Apply

1. Fulfill the requirements of the Test Item

2. Post your Test Item Request with the following format:

(Acad Username) : (Test Item)

3. Wait for a member of staff to replay to see if your request has been accepted or denied.

Exam Rules

1. Cheating will not be tolerated. Gathering knowledge or using anything that will help you solve questions without using your own knowledge; exception is given in rule 2.
2. Using internet content to find answers to your questions is considered gathering knowledge during the exam and is therefore permitted.
3. Test Items only last once. The test may be taken multiple times, but a new test item must be purchased.

[center]Testing System
The testing system is as follows.

2 duels (3rd if necessary), 1 deck:
Only TCG deck builds are allowed during the test examination. OCG, Exodia, Stall/Burn decks are prohibited as they lack exhibition of skills and level of interactive gameplay. OCGs are not usable as certain admins/testers may lack appropriate knowledge on a certain build.

This marking scheme is an accumulation of the entire match and marks given are based on multiple factors displayed by the testee. However due to the possible occurrence of a third duel, the Win/Loss ratio section has been given a specific set of points based on the ratio. You will based upon the following criteria:

1. Performance (0/30) - The marks given are purely up to the admin/tester. However in order to increase fairness, another tester or admin must watch the match and then the two will come to decision. If they do not come to a unanimous decision then an admin will take the final decision. Any Unfairness will be dealt with by an administrator who will also determine the succeeding circumstances.

2. Win/Loss Ratio (0/30) - This will be based on the following and has been provided specific points for a specific situation:
Lost Match : X-X = 0 points
Lost Match: 0-X-X or any variation = 10 points
Won Match: 0-0-X or any variation = 20 points
Won Match: 0-0 = 30 points

3. Tier of Deck (4/5) - The marking scheme is based on the deck itself that the testee plays during the examination. Although Tier 1 decks are still allowed, you will only receive a score of 1, due to the overwhelming power and "pilot-like" skills of the deck. However if Tier 1 cards are used as "techs" in hybrid decks, they are exempt from low scoring marks depending on the Tier of the deck that they are run in. The marking scheme for each Tier is as follows (whole values only):
Tier 1 - 1/5
Tier 2 - 2-3/5
Tier 3 - 3-4/5
Tier 4 - 4-5/5
Tier Undeclared - 5/5 - Given automatically to a testee whose deck is not ranked on the Official Tier List, regardless of win/loss.

4. Deck Construction (0/25) - These marks given are completely based on how the deck structure is built as well as the effectiveness demonstrated by those cards. Imagine it as an archetype built for a specific purpose (eg. Lightsworns' milling ability), but it's not specifically required for this examination. If you can perform unique combinations with cards not commonly seen in the current metagame, you can receive a high mark out of 20. This indicates that using Tier 1 and possibly certain Tier 2 decks will receive far lower marks than by using Tier 3 and lower decks. By doing so, we can see how skilled you are by using a non-metagame deck that makes the match interactive and interesting, thus acquiring higher points in the performance category. This category is independently marked regardless of win/loss.

5. Sportsmanship (10/10) - The simplest marking scheme of all the categories. It's based on two things in the duel:
Respecting your tester +5
Always have fun and playing at your very best no matter what +5

Total 14/100
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Subject: Re:

thespyder test results


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