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 Deck Racing Rules and Regulations

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Seto Kaiba

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PostSubject: Deck Racing Rules and Regulations   Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:58 am

 Deck Racing Rules and Regulations

Deck Racing is where you try to draw out an entire deck as fast as possible. Its like an Exodia Deck, but you are trying to Deck Out. 

How to Play

0. This is a 1 player game. Double posting is allowed in order to play this game, but not to abuse double posting for some other things.

1. Create a new topic in this (Deck Racing) section.

2. You will imagine that you have a deck with 40 cards.

3. Start off by drawing 6 cards from your deck with "Deck Racing" dice. There will be explanation below if you don't know how to roll the dice in our forum.

4. Then you play like you would play real ygo. You see what you can do with the cards you drew. The key is to use drawing cards to draw more from your deck. Imagine you run Exodia deck but instead of drawing him, your goal will be to deck out in one turn. So, after drawing those 6 cards you will tell in your next post what do you use. For example: "34 cards left. I use Pot of Greed, Upstart Goblin, discard two of my monsters for Hand Destruction." Then you roll the "Deck Racing" dice 5 times as resolving the cards given in example above.

NOTE: You have to count within your posts how many cards are left in your deck per each post you make.

5. After you made your move, you resolved these effects with new dice roll. Continuing Example: With Pot of Greed, Upstart Goblin and Hand Destruction you drew 5 cards where discarding of those monsters actually is just imagined and you move on like you don't have them anymore.

NOTE: All cards that were left in your hand, you cannot reuse in the moves later on. For example, if you had 2 monsters which could be used later for Hand Destruction, rolled next dice, those 2 monsters are not counted as your hand anymore, the new rolled dice gives you new hand and all those left behind are treated like discarded. Same with some drawing cards which you planned to leave there and use later like Card Destruction. You will not be able to reuse those, so you better try to achieve the best performance within your single move.

6. You go on like this, move after move until you draw your entire deck, 40 cards that is. If, during this process you are left with unusable cards in your hand, you lost. For example: The next 5 cards you drew in example before are all Normal monsters, which means your hands are tied and you declare loss.

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Subject: Re:

Deck Racing Rules and Regulations


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