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 [Staff Application] - Chat Moderator - NetherApprentice

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PostSubject: [Staff Application] - Chat Moderator - NetherApprentice   Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:43 pm

Applying for : Chat Moderator

Personally I would love to help keep this new and growing community chat kept spam free and keep harassement and other inappropriate gone from the chat as well so that there is no trouble for the people who come on the site and apply.

I've had plenty of experience doing this over at one of the bigger internet clans called Edge-Gamers (Google them if you wish) I was a Admin and would have to watch over the server chat and watch out for hackers and such so am very good at keeping the chat clean and I think that is what makes me stand out from the other's that might apply here in the future. I won't be a let down and will do the job you ask me to do. Hope this is a suitable application for you.
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Subject: Re:

[Staff Application] - Chat Moderator - NetherApprentice


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